Treatment for Severs Disease now has a new useful option.

This modern approach can now cure heel with 2-3 treatments. Whether your child has Severs Disease or Severs Syndrome types of heel pain, the treatment is equally effective helping 90% of children within two weeks.

The therapy for Severs disease is called ESWT which uses low-power sound waves, not electrical, to stimulate and cure the growth plate pain.

The therapy causes stimulation of a natural healing response that leads to natural pain relief.


There is no downtime with this non-invasive treatment, and the only side effects are mild redness (10% of suffers).

We often ask that the child rests as much as possible from "intense" activity for about 2-3 weeks but can still do normal daily activities. We insist on this for first two weeks then action can start to be increased slowly. 

This ensures that the proper healing of the growth plates can begin before re-testing and possibly re-aggravating the Severs Syndrome before therapy has had time to work.

Walking after ESWT or Shock Wave treatment is not a problem, and there is no post-treatment pain. This therapy should not be missed by any suffer as it the current key to unlocking a condition that previously remained closed to conservative Physiotherapy and insole techniques.

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