Shock Wave Therapy Prices London



Average London Price

Why is price so different?

Package of 3 sessions of shockwave treatment




"Our machine is of the newest design and has a low maintenance cost. We can pass on this saving to our patients."

Single shockwave session PAYGO

£200 (Saving £50)




Shockwave 3 treatment package with symmetrical Involvement of both limbs

Extra £99 Total of £599 (saving£601)

In most clinics, there would be no concession for this. This Bolt-On is a limited offer


Extra session after package completion, needed in severe cases or cases where treatment area is large.

£167* (Saving £33)*this applies even if both limbs have been treated.







Quality generic orthotics guaranteed for six months

£50 pounds per pair

Medical grade Prescription

£60 - £105 includes a custom moulding for extra comfort

Bespoke Orthotics (rarely warranted, used for clubfoot 

and trauma related issues with the foot and lower limb)


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