Shoulder Pain Treatment & ShockWave Therapy

Our new treatment for chronic shoulder pain shows more than it promises!

The story is that after 10 years of using our Radial devices we upgraded to the latest focused technology within the shock wave relm. And the shoulder is where tech comes into its own. While we used to get success with our radial shock wave unit the Focused has picked up the success rate in shoulders, specifically very sore shoulder patients and calcific shoulder treatment.

What is Shock Wave Treatment?

It's Sound Waves delivered Very Fast Speeds

Studies have shown that a Soundwave treatment called "Extracorporeal Shock Wave Therapy" can help a painful rotator cuff/ shoulder pain issue. Shock Wave Therapy waves drum the tissue that's injured to break up scar tissue or calcification with injured tendons.

Extracorporeal means the sound wave is created outside the body and channelled in. So the 'Extracorporeal' Shock Wave Therapy or ESWT involves applying high-energy or low-energy shock waves to the sensitive area -- in this case, the rotator cuff (muscles group that controls shoulder stability).

Types Of ESWT We Offer:

As we specialise in Shock wave therapy we have two units/generators the older type of Radial shock wave therapy and the NEW type of Focused shock wave therapy

shock wave therapy on calcific tendonits - radial shock wave therapy

Calcified Tendonitis Of The Shoulder

The ability of the sound wave treatment to treat calcific tendonitis of the rotator cuff, a common cause of shoulder pain is incredible. The percentage of success is unbelievable huge when considering suffering from calcific tendonitis and previously had to have surgery. 

In this condition, calcium deposits build up on the tendons that connect shoulder muscles to the nearby bones and would be resistant to conventional physiotherapy. 

The shock wave treatment has been shown to promote reabsorption of calcified deposits. If your condition has been persistent, it is likely that you are suffering from calcific tendonitis. We can arrange a full analysis of the shoulder and also provide treatment to remedy this condition quickly.


shock Wave On Shoulder

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The pain comes from inflammation within the tendon itself. Because it can be an early sign of an Achilles tendon rupture, it is best to rest and seek care, especially if you're a passionate athlete. The pain is sharp and often throbs after exercise. In some cases, swelling might be present. 

In other situations, Achilles Tendon pain shows without swelling, heat, or redness and in these chronic (long-standing) conditions the term Tendinosis is more appropriate; common training errors often cause it.

Most sufferers are runners or sportsmen and normally in their 30s or 40s. - Two forms of the condition are recognized (Insertional and Non-Insertional);

 1. Non-insertional: - tenderness is localized high up in the tendon normally at the thinnest section 1-2 inchs below calf muscle belly.


 2. Insertional tendinitis: Pain and tenderness are close to the heel. Within this form, another underlying cause of calcification of tendon insertion might be present. This calcification condition is be picked up by X-ray examination that is done at the clinic. It often arises because of earlier acute tendonitis but is rare.

If you think you are suffering from this Achilles sensation then please contact the clinic for accurate diagnosis by Requesting a Callback - Click here

Professional Back Pain Treatment in Wimbledon

Over 70% of back pain is mechanical and comes from the small joints of the back. 
For quick short term recovery manipulation is a gold standard. After the pain is reduced a course of massage and exercise is supplied to ensure long-term pain relief.

In the other 30% of cases, spinal discs play a role.

Decompression and distractive techniques can help these, and the clinic has specialist benches to make this an easy procedure.

Shock wave therapy isn't effective on these pain generating tissues but is used on tissues that are involved in secondary roles.

The key to good back pain treatment results is in the understanding exactly which is why the clinic uses X-Ray, MRI and Spinal Mouse diagnostic tools to accompany diagnosis made in the clinic. All these can be done efficiently by the clinic without referral to your GP.

To book a consultation for back pain, you can contact reception. Contact us HERE

Neck Pain Treatment in Wimbledon

Neck pain care at Wimbledon Sports Injury Clinic consists of spinal manipulation/mobilization, soft tissue treatment and advice regarding over-the-counter medication, ice/heat and other factors that are of relevance to the individual patient. 

We also offer a range of stress relieving braces for post whiplash and patients whom still have to use the neck extensively. Our goal is to be able to treat every stage of treatment from the painful crisis, relief all the way to stabilisation. 

Your neck care professional will take X-rays or advanced imaging if your condition presents with complicating symptoms or history of trauma. The practitioner will arrange imaging option on 1st treatment without delay. 

Chronic neck pain patients are in need of strengthening programmes to restore normal function and optimal spinal health. This part of therapy is usually exercises focused. Crucially your postural development to the practices and treatment is monitored by the clinic.

 Our treatment choices have been investigated in many high-quality scientific studies, and international NICE guidelines recommend it as a first-line treatment for both acute and chronic neck pain. 

Treatment has been found to be both clinically effective, safe as well as cost-effective. 

Whiplash type injuries are common in sports people and can be either the direct cause of pain or the start of a process that eventually leads to discomfort. In this case, you will be given your severity grade and appropriate recovery plan that is often different to other occupation-related treatments. Find out more by Requesting a Callback -  Click Here

Shock Wave Therapy for Hip pain (Bursitis)

Extracorporeal shockwave therapy (ESWT) is a non-invasive treatment in which a device is used to pass acoustic shockwaves through the skin to the affected area. ESWT may be applied in one or several sessions and leads to trochanteric pain syndrome accelerated healing.

The area of the hip is quite large so that you may need 3-5 treatments done at weekly intervals.

More traditional steps of massage and mobilisation can be used but often take five times longer for both treatments and recovery. The option of shock wave therapy (ESWT) is unique to our clinic but is safe and very effective. 

If you seek pain relief for any of these hip pains or need a diagnosis, then get in touch by requesting a callback.



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