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How Does Shock Wave Therapy Work

How shock wave works can be quite overwhelming, however, if you would like further physiological understanding about the exact healing processes, then please explore the sections below this text to see more in-depth information:

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What is Shock Wave Therapy?

Shock wave therapy is a sound wave therapy that has been in medicine for over 25 years. The therapy started its history in the treatment of kidney stones before the units were miniaturised and used for orthopaedics.

The current applications range from healing tendon/bone damage to professional sports massage.

The high energy shock wave is produced by the unit and is channelled into the tissues by a precision applicator, accelerating the natural healing response.

  Our shock wave machine allows us to lower the pressure depending on patient tolerance, condition and body area. The treatment is slightly difficult but only last 5-10 mins. The sensation similar to that of a finger rapidly flicking your skin.

 In less than 10% of people, there might be redness or slight bruising after treatment. However, we feel this is a risk that is worth taking because it offers:

High yield rewards - as high as 80% feel significant relief.

Treats conditions that previously only had treatment options of surgery intervention.

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) confirm that they have no safety concerns about the treatment. April 2011.

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The Shock Wave Device In London Clinic

The equipment used at the London Shockwave Clinic is the latest technology. The BTL Topline 6000 is a device that entered the market as a leader in innovation. It has built in programming, and its versatility mean that the practitioners can use their expertise to deliver shockwaves to where you feel the most pain. The in treatment re-targeting is done seamlessly throughout the treatment creating a smooth continuous process.

Although the high cost of BTL unit is still high, it has a low maintenance cost meaning we can offer shockwave therapy to the public at a significantly lower price. The cost reduction is passed onto you, so you can pay less for your care and still enjoy the fantastic results that shockwave can offer.

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Tendonitis and Shock Wave Therapy

Tendonitis is inflammation of a tendon.

It happens in the extremities of sports people on a regular basis.

Causes are often a sudden trauma e.g. muscle pull or physical strike.

Equally, it may be caused by a repetitive strain over time. This might suddenly increase pain for no identifiable reason.

Shockwave Therapy works is a gold standard for this condition and produce significant results where other therapies do not.

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How many treatments will I need?

Most conditions will require an average of 3 treatments. However, some states take a higher number of treatments, especially if your area involved is large, i.e., side of the thigh. If this is deemed necessary, we will develop tailored price plans. This method ensures patients get the best quality care while cost remains affordable.


No. of SWT treatments needed

Heel pain


Chronic shoulder pain


Elbow pain (golfer & tennis elbow)


Achilles heel pain


Knee pain (jumpers knee)


Hip pain (bursitis, tendon and muscles irritation)


Hip & thigh pain or ITB syndrome (runners knee)


Tibial edge syndrome/ shin splints


Myofascial trigger points (sports massage)


Shockwave acupuncture




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